“Contribute to the regional economy through comprehensive incubation activities”

Company Profile

Official Name
Sagamihara Incubation Center Ltd.
Company Address
5-4-21 Nishihashimoto, Midori-ku, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa, 252-0131,Japan
April 20, 1999
Two billion, three hundred and ninety-four million, five hundred thousand yen (2,394,500,000yen) Approximately 2.27 billion yen contributed by the public sector: Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN and Sagamihara city governments. Approximately 124.5 million yen contributed by the private sector.
Masatoshi Hashimoto, President


April to December 1998
Review commission (Industry personnel, chamber, younger members from public administration)
December 1998
Proposal by review commission
April 1999
Establishment of company; Capital 1,205 million yen
(By City council, *Japan Regional Development Corporation, Chamber of commerce )
November 1999
Capital increase; 84.5 million yen (from 22 companies)
April 2000
Opening of ‘SIC-1
April 2001
Capital increase; 1,070 million yen
(By City council, Japan Regional Development Corporation)
March 2002
Capital increase; 35 million yen (by 2 companies)
April 2002
Opening of ‘SIC-2’
December 2011
Opening of ‘SIC-3’

Business summary

In order to achieve our goals, we provide the following services for those individuals, who try to incubate new businesses, and those business owners who willingly advance in new business fields.

Office and laboratory space

We offer office and laboratory space for business bases.

We provide small business-player with the optimum circumstance. (Japanese site)
Companies or individuals that are preparing for launching their business or that have
just launched their businesses. ( PDF download )
Companies that aim to expand their business scope after their initial stages. ( PDF download )
The company or individual who industrializes research and development positively in a next-generation leading industry.) ( PDF download )

Company Establishment

Company establishment procedures support; Business plan formulation;
New business development support; Business analysis; Financial strategy formulation.

Capital Procurement, Subsidiaries

SIC1st. Investment Limited Liability Partnership (SIC Fund)
Capital policy planning; Organizing presentations for investors.
R&D and employment subsidiary application support; Mediation for various loans and banks.

Legal Work / Intellectual Property

Legal constancy mediation; Contract drafting support; Support for obtaining patents,
industrial design, trademarks and copyrights; Intellectual property strategy

Human Resource, Personnel, Organization

Recruiting support; temporary staffing; Internship; Social insurance support;
Support for formulating regulations including company rules.

Design, Marketing / Promotion & sales

Design laboratory; Marketing laboratory.
Support for designing company brochures, creating website, and expos.

Research & Development

Research for technical potentials and trends; Introduction of university labs; Technical solution support.

Measurement, Analysis, Evaluation

Introduction of test labs and evaluation organization

Quality and product management

ISO accreditation support; PL insurance mediation


Corporate coalition for processing, assembly and sales; Matching business negotiations

Location of Sagamihara City


Contact information

5-4-21 Nishihashimoto, Midori-ku, Sagamihara City,
Kanagawa, 252-0131,Japan
TEL: +81-42-770-9119